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HRP Mamas Support Groups For Mothers

In addition to our expectant mothers support groups, new mom support groups, and breastfeeding support, HRP Mamas also offers:

• Support Groups For Mothers of 2+ Children
• Support Groups For Working Mothers
• Peer-led Motherhood Book Group
• Monthly Mothers of Twins Peer led Group

Additional groups form as needed.

Registration information can be found on the HRP Mamas events calendar

[Currently meeting on Zoom]

HRP Mamas Support Group for Mothers of 2+ Young Children

This group for the 2nd or 3rd time around mom, led by Erica Lyon, provides insights for dealing with sibling dynamics and transitions for a growing family. While we are savvier with our second (or third) baby, the postpartum period can often catch us by surprise as to the intensity of juggling baby and older kids. Finding other moms with babies the same age plays a vital support role in our challenging early weeks. Connect with other experienced moms and a professional educator to guide and support you through your family's growth. Please feel free to join if you are in the last weeks of your 2nd/3rd pregnancy. This is a great group to discuss the transition of a new baby in the home.

Beyond The First Year: An HRP Mamas Support Group for Mothers of 1-4 yr olds

Our weekly support group provides a safe, respectful environment where you are encouraged to share and support one another through the early years of Motherhood. Guided by Meira Cohen-Hansford, LCSW, the group is aimed at providing support and fostering a space in which mothers can exchange thoughts on their shared and unique experiences during their journey through motherhood.