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HRP Mamas Meet-ups for Career Support & Networking

As part of our mission of providing peer-support to mothers in Lower Manhattan, HRP Mamas connects members with similar professional backgrounds to each other via dedicated subgroups.

The aim of the HRP Mamas Career Support subgroups is to bring together mothers who share common career paths and professional interests. The goal is to provide a supportive environment for discussion, resource exchange, job listings, and social events based on common professional interests and challenges.

Mamas in our career support and networking groups enjoy meeting other neighborhood mamas with whom they may have career paths in common - although their children may be of different ages.

We currently offer the following career support groups:

- Architecture, Interiors, Real Estate
- Arts & Writing
- Education
- Entrepreneur
- Fashion & Visual Arts
- Finance
- Health, Social Work, Medical, Psychology
- Human Resources
- Journalism & Media
- Legal
- Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and related
- Management
- Technology sector: IT, Systems Admin, Information Security, Etc.

If you are a current member of the HRP Mamas online community and would like to join a career support subgroup, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Information regarding HRP Mamas meet-ups can be found on our member only subgroup calendars.
These are only visible to registered members of the HRP Mamas Community.