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HRP Mamas Parenting Support & Playgroups During the Preschool Years

In addition to our educational events and parenting workshops our organization supports parents of preschoolers and toddlers through:

• Parents of Toddlers HRP Mamas Parenting Support Group with early childhood experts

• HRP Mamas facilitated Member Exclusive Playgroups

• Parent + Child Guided Playgroups at local preschools


Led by Meredith Gary

Join other HRP Mamas Parents for a guided, expert-led, support group for parents of toddlers. This group is led by early childhood educator and co-director of Downtown Little School, Meredith Gary. It meets for five weekly hour-long virtual live group sessions. 

The HRP Mamas Toddler Parent Support Group is a great way to receive tailored support while creating bonds with a cohort of parents who live in Lower Manhattan. Come get support on limit setting, potty training, food struggles, tantrums, transition difficulties, separation anxiety, sleep issues, and more!  

Each session will include a brief intro to a key parenting issue, plus check-ins and most importantly, trouble-shooting with participants on real-life issues.

Registration info at or contact us at:


HRP Mamas invites parents of toddlers ( 12-24 months)  to a series of Parent & Child Playdates in partnership with local Lower Manhattan preschools!

Our HRP Mamas Parent + Child Preschool Playdates are a unique opportunity to foster community with fellow local parents while exploring various preschools and educational philosophies available in Lower Manhattan.

Registration info at or contact us at: