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HRP Mamas Online Community

If you are a registered member of our online community and would like to access our online community please click here.

Are you pregnant and looking to meet other expecting mamas? Interested in meeting new mama friends with children the same age as yours? Have questions about motherhood and parenting issues? Need advice about baby and child products? Need recommendations for local services or neighborhood resources? Want to find out about local community events? Have items to give away, trade, or sell? Searching for used items? Looking for a nanny or household help?
Join our online community and connect instantly with over 2800 verified local moms who can help and are committed to offering their support to one another. Our online community offers a searchable online archive of posts containing fifteen years worth of information and advice. Join our subgroups and participate in social events, playgroups and more. Receive information about local community events and resources, including HRP Mamas exclusive discounts and events.

Our message boards are supportive, safe, kind, and informative environments through which neighborhood mamas may communicate with each other and share advice and support. Topics center around the shared experience of motherhood and Mamas use our message boards to connect with one another, to ask questions, to set-up play groups, and to organize and attend volunteer led social events. On any given day our message boards are active with ongoing conversations about issues and questions relevant to the lives of mothers in Lower Manhattan. HRP Mamas also offers registered members of our online community the option to submit posts to our anonymous post editor in the event of sensitive or personal matters they may need advice on.

Our Message Boards are accessible only to registered members of the HRP Mamas community. Eligibility to join is limited to mothers and expectant mothers who reside in Lower Manhattan and who have a child/children born in 2003 or later. Mothers in our online community have all been referred by a fellow member or have met with an HRP Mamas coordinator for verification purposes. We strive to keep our message boards safe, kind, commercial free, and full of valuable information. Our members help us uphold this integrity through their commitment to supporting each other through the journey of motherhood.
Sub-group message boards are arranged by due date, birth date of child, special interests, languages, single mamas, special needs, mamas of multiples, entrepreneur mamas, mamas interested in the environment and green living, and mamas who have moved to other areas.

Please note

While eligibility to join HRP Mamas is limited to mothers or expectant mothers who reside in Lower Manhattan and have child/children born after 2003, all of the educational events organized by HRP Mamas are open to all: moms, dads, caregivers and other community members.

If you are not eligible to join the HRP Mamas online community, but would like to be in the loop about our educational events, about community events, and local resources, please sign up for our newsletter, email blasts, and subscriber list here.

If you are looking for resources for fathers in NYC please see our resource page here.
HRP Mamas is a proud co-sponsor of the NYC Dads Group "New Dad Bootcamp" in Tribeca.